Recipe Press Version 1.2.0 Update

This update contains many new functionalities and lots of improvements. Some of those are explained below.

New Functionalities

Multiple Ingredients Functionality

This is the functionality which is totally new and was demanded by some very good customers who gave me very supportive arguments about it’s urgent needs. Now users will be able to add multiple sets of ingredients with each recipe as seen in screenshot given below.


If user adds only one ingredient then set title will be skipped and only single ingredient list will show as previous design.

This is major change in this version and old ingredient will remain same but will not be visible anymore on backend. It also have easy way to enter ingredients on backend and front end which is only one textarea with every ingredient in new line. It was suggested against old jQuery version and sensible solution.

For now users can enter only one ingredient set from front end. It will be improved in one of the next updates but for now it is not available for front end submission.

Shopping List

This functionality is totally new and useful idea for visitors who wants to make an instant list of things they have to shop for the recipe they are looking at. It is js based functionality and have separate print css. It can be turned on and off from theme options.


Others Additions

Times control – Sometime site owner don’t want to show timings with recipes so i gave theme options control to hide or show times on single recipe template.

Calories – This theme have nutrients management already but i have given calories as additional meta field. It was necessary field suggested by and google microformats. It will be shown in nutrients but is being handled separately in front end recipe submit template and backend recipe edit template.

Related Recipes – Related recipes were taged based only before this version. Now i have added multiple options in it so users can display related recipes based on recipe types, courses, cuisines or tags.


  • Fixed nutrients addition problem on submit recipe template
  • Fixed recipe comments form for latest WordPress version
  • Fixed header ad function by adding support for iframes
  • Fixed taxonomy archive templates


  • Improved Contact Template Styles
  • Improved Single Recipe Template Styles
  • Improved Countdown Timer Styles
  • Improved Print Styles

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